Your Process Safety Partner


We know PHA Recommendations and Audit findings fall through the cracks. And it is tough to get everyone on board to change procedures.

We have the on-site experience to navigate your management system and get your projects completed correctly, on-time, and within budget. We review and update existing documentation to ensure what is written down is what is happening in the field, helping to reduce future audit findings.



Follow up on Audit or Incident Investigation findings

Get findings closed to avoid further fines or production interruptions

Document all changes for future audits



Closing PHA Recommendations

Prioritize recommendations to get high priority items implemented quickly and efficiently

Work across departments for agreement



Implementing PSM Programs including MOC processes and training programs

Get buy-in from all stakeholders

Update Processes and Procedures to allow a sustainable implementation

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We apply the Process Safety Management (PSM) rule throughout your plant and processes to implement the necessary program for compliance with one PSM element or the entire standard.

We use a multi-tiered approach including team interviews, operations observations, and documentation review to learn how PSM is understood and applied at your facility to improve teamwork and increase participation. As the PSM rules change, we adapt and modify your programs to meet new requirements.



PSM Program Development/Improvement

Universally for all your facilities

Site specific for an individual facility



Facility Process Development

Apply the corporate PSM Program at your local facility



Process and Procedure development

Get buy-in from all stakeholders

Develop or modify Processes and Procedures to allow a sustainable implementation

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A complete Process Safety Management program requires buy-in from the top of the organization. We collaborate with all levels of management to create and modify PSM policies for corporate implementation. And we work with individual facilities to implement the adopted policies.



Corporate PSM Policy

Review and modification to close compliance gaps

New PSM Policy development



Policy Implementation

Consistent roll-out to individual facilities