Risk Management Plans and Facility Siting


We are able to provide consequence modeling for fire, explosion, and toxic release scenarios that could affect on-site or off-site receptors (people, places, and things). These models define the proper locations of buildings and structures within the facility and the impact to the community. The determination is accomplished by analysis of your site followed by a calculation of the impact utilizing tables and charts, consequence modeling, or Quantitative Risk Analysis (QRA). After the effect on structures is known, mitigation is able to be performed to address any structures found to have an intolerable risk. These processes can be applied to a current process, brown field, or green field projects.

Let us assist you with:

  • Determining scenarios, hazards, and consequences
  • Understanding the full impact of potential events
  • Mitigating intolerable risks
  • QRA analysis for structures found incapable of surviving modeled scenarios
  • Filing all RMP information with the EPA

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