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Audits-don’t punish for failure

Have you consciously looked at the outcomes of your audits? If you reframe your outlook on audit findings not as a speeding ticket, but as a notice that you found something before it became a problem, it will encourage greater involvement and discourage cover-ups. Things that are not right are not a good thing for any plant, and identifying potential issues may be looked at by management as not doing due diligence. However, most people’s minds are set on operations and business and not on looking for problems. Those activities are limited to hazard assessments, audits, and investigations. This is when personnel have their minds open to find problems. Think about the opportunity to reward for finding potential problems before they became issues so the problems are able to be addressed. The alternative is to punish for having potential problems that exist and having personnel hide things because they do not want to be caught. Which environment would you rather be a part of?

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