Your Process Safety Partner

K and K Process, LLC strives to be industry implementation experts in all aspects of Process Safety.


Our Mission

K and K Process, LLC uses its decades of experience in industry and government to help process companies complement existing PSM staff. We apply our knowledge of management systems and encourage creativity and problem solving to provide real world solutions, not theoretical assumptions for your site. We utilize a balanced approach to the PSM process, realizing that all aspects of PSM tie together for Corporate, Site, PSM, and OSHA compliance.

What We've Achieved

  • Plant DCS - Converted plant control system from pneumatic to digital
  • Plant Analysis Process - Designed plant analysis system for gas custody transfer
  • Plant SIS Program - Generated LOPA/SIS process, implemented SIS at numerous facilities
  • PSM and Engineering Programs - Developed PSM Elements program and associated engineering standards/specifications for operations
  • Facility Siting and Area Electrical Classification - Determined site risk with associated mitigation of risk
  • Temporary Trailer Use in Plants - Defined safe use of temporary structures on active process site
  • Electronic MOC Process - Generated an MOC process, thenmanaged the  process electronically
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